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ID Recording is a professional recording studio I run from my home in Seaford. It is geared to making the whole process of producing high-quality recordings much more affordable for bands and solo artists. It is well equipped with a great selection of excellent microphones, pre-amps and software.

ID Recording is way more than just a recording studio!

For solo artists I can provide the instrumentation if needed. Being a multi-instrumentalist and singer, I can help you with all aspects of the recording process. I can help get your songs arranged, create parts for instruments to play and help with lead and backing vocals.

My studio is located in Seaford, just near the end of Eastlink. It is a relaxed environment to create and produce professional quality recordings.

I also have a mobile recording set-up so I can come to you if you prefer.

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiry.

Cheers, Ian

Beating Heart - Lex

Sticks & Stones - Chloe Horler

Natural Disasters - Chloe Horler

Sample Tracks

Please email or phone me to discuss your recording.

Awake & Dreaming - Ian Duchesne

Mobile:   0401 133 954

Just Like You - Chloe Horler

Twelve Years Old - Leisha

Recording Studio - Mobile Recording - Song Production

Mind Of Peace - Travis Blackney

Mawjou3 Galbi - Ali Lebanese

Empty Deals - Derek

Someone Save Me - Hannah Dee

Sober - Hannah Dee

Where Is My Light - Hannah Dee

Get your songs recorded and sounding great!

Along with many years of recording experience, I have consistently worked as a professional musician for over thirty years performing live, predominantly solo but also with many bands. Being a multi-instrumentalist, singer and, over time creating a well-equipped studio, has enabled me to combine my skills and experience to offer a service that is much more than just a recording studio.

I have collaborated with many artists to help 'nut out' their songs with parts and arrangements that has helped get the song sounding like they want it to sound. Even if your song has just basic or no backing, it is still possible to create fully produced recordings with an acoustic or full band sound.

I also run a mobile recording set-up, so I can come to you. As all recording assignments are different, some are done all in the studio and some partly so. I have some clients who have recorded their vocals themselves and have never been to the studio. With my mobile set-up I can record a full band or just vocals if that is all that is required.

I play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, sing lead/backing vocals, and program/edit MIDI. My software sound library includes drums, pianos, organs, synths, strings, brass, woodwind and much more.

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Mobile:   0401 133 954

Stagnant Dreams - Travis & Lucy

Standing Next To Me - Dave Close

Christmas Dream - Dave Close

Poison - Hannah Dee

More To This - Dave Close

Artificial Light - Hannah Dee

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All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered at ID Recording.