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Singer/Songwriters, I can produce very high quality recordings of your songs. I can also play some or all of the instruments for you too.

I am a professional musician with over thirty years live performance and recording experience. I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, sing lead/backing vocals, and program/edit MIDI. My software sound library includes drums, pianos, organs, synths, strings, brass, woodwind and much more.

Located in Seaford, just near the end of Eastlink, my well-equipped home studio provides a relaxed environment ideal for singer/songwriters or small projects to produce professional quality recordings.

I can also come to you! I can track a full band with drums at your location and finish off at my studio.

I have the skills and equipment to produce great sounding recordings of your songs.

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Beating Heart - Xander

Sticks & Stones - Chloe Horler

Natural Disasters - Chloe Horler


Please email or phone me to discuss your recording.


Awake & Dreaming - Ian Duchesne

Mobile:   0401 133 954

Just Like You - Chloe Horler

Twelve Years Old - Leisha

Song Production & Mobile Recording

Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Producer - Session Musician

Mind Of Peace - Travis Blackney

Mawjou3 Galbi - ILYA

Empty Deals - Derek

That Girl Is Not Me - Hannah Dee

If I Fall - Hannah Dee